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SEO and Back Links

Back links are the most essential tool for Search engine optimization, SEO. Back Links play a key role in SEO. Search engine recognizes and rank a site through its back links. Search engines use various algorithm to rank a site. However, back links are one of the most important. Hence, Search engine optimization professionals build more and more back links to a web site for its SEO.

What are Back links?
When a web site or a web page puts a outgoing link pointing to a web site or a web page is called back links. Therefore, you need to generate more and more back links to your web site for SEO.

Quality of Back links:
Not only the quantity but quality of back links do matter for SEO. Back link from a higher page rank site is more valuable than a back link from a lower page rank site in the eyes of a search engine. Therefore you need quality links from higher page rank sites for search engine optimization of your site.

Building backlinks to make money online

How to get Back links:

Unique content and quality content in your site encourages other web site owners to link to your web site or web page as reference. You can get organic back links in this way. An out going link from other site pointing to your site is treated as an incoming link for your sites SEO. However, it is difficult to get back links in this way for a new web site or a web page. You have to put your efforts in building back links for search engine optimization of your web site or web page. There are many other ways to get back links for SEO and I will describe some.

Commenting on other web sites or blogs is a good and established method of SEO. When you comment on a web page or a blog post linking to your own web site or page you get an automatic back link to your web site or page. Search engines crawl through your web site via the page in which you have commented.

You can also write articles in article writing sites and get back links from your profile page and your articles. Article writing sites generally have higher page ranks. Hence you will get quality back links from those sites. "Hubpages" is a good site for article writing that I use for SEO. You can Sign up here for hub pages. Hubpages is also a good source of some extra revenue.

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